Art at the Frontrunner Station

The Frontrunner station is nearing completion and on a recent visit to the area I noticed the new sculptures that have been installed on the platform. The sculptures were made by Don Mitchell of Littleton, Colorado, and according to Mayor Curtis cost $100,000. The city, UTA, and citizens reportedly split the cost.

The “Two Greeters” was recently installed at Provo’s soon-to-open commuter rail station.

A second sculpture is visible in the right half of this picture.

The new sculptures will greet visitors to Provo.

From an aesthetic standpoint I think these sculptures are pretty cheesy, but that’s fine because my taste doesn’t have to dictate everything in the city. And though I would have chosen different artwork, my strongest reaction is appreciation that beauty was at least considered when this spot was designed. In short, I’d agree with the mayor’s comments in 2010:

In my opinion, it is a worthwhile investment. I believe, under the “no broken windows” theory, that appearances matter, and attractive artwork will help deter crime. It will also likely leave visitors with a favorable impression of our city.
But what I like most about this investment is the city only has to pay 25%. Even in difficult economic times, it makes sense to take advantage of an opportunity like this. And it’s an opportunity we may never have again. If we ever want artwork at that site, it probably needs to be installed during the construction of the platform.
The Daily Herald also wrote about these sculptures and gathered community feedback.

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