The New Rec Center is Almost Done

Provo’s new recreation center will be operational within six months, according to my colleague Genelle Pugmire. City leaders seem understandably excited about the new facility, and deputy mayor Cory Norman reportedly learned from a consultant that it was in the “98th for high ratings on rec centers throughout the country,” whatever that means.

Construction on Provo’s new rec center. This facility should be operational in six months.

I’ve been in favor of the rec center from the earliest stages because I believe it adds a valuable amenity to the city and improves quality of life for residents. I’m also impressed that the city leaders are trying to think creatively about how to pay for the building:

Norman is working with a special committee on raising funds to help pay back the bond on the center earlier. Naming rights for rooms and areas of the center are for sale depending on the area of the center.

“We’re doing really well,” Norman said. “I can’t be specific, but we have several firm commitments, but there are still many areas available.”

Norman said, businesses, family foundations and others willing to contribute to the building will have special plaques put up about their history in the room they are sponsoring.

I’ll be interested to see how that plan unfolds, but whatever happens it’s an example of leaders trying to innovate ways to improve quality of life at the lowest possible cost. And that’s something that should make everyone in the community happy.

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  1. Rebecca

    I’ve been really impressed with the “Creative” ways that the city has found to fund things, like when the mayor was talking about roads or trailheads.

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