Street Art Invasion

Friday night was Gallery Stroll in Provo, and with it came a new wave of street art. Much of it was the product of a BYU art class project, though I have no idea if my favorite piece was part of that group or not:

A piece of street art at the historic court house seems to have been inspired by Space Invaders, or possibly Invader.

Close up of the Space Invaders art.

While the pictures above were taken along University Ave, most of the art was clustered along Center Street. The picture below, for example, was taken outside Sora.

Shards of broken glass and ceramic appear to leak out of a pipe.

Shoes in a row along Center Street. These shoes remained on the sidewalk a bit longer than some of the other exhibits.

If you’re interested, I wrote in July that street art can actually play an important role in making a city successful. In May, I also wrote about why street art is generally good for a city, despite debates over its legitimacy.


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