Station 22 Grand Re-Opening

Station 22 and owner Richard Gregory are among the leaders in the effort to make downtown Provo a wonderful and unique place. In fact, Richard is even the founder of the Keep Downtown Independent Facebook page.

So I think it’s worth mentioning here that tonight Station 22 is having its grand reopening. The restaurant has been closed for renovations recently, but is ready to celebrate with food, music, and prizes.

Station 22 is celebrating its grand reopening tonight with a party.

The restaurant will also open with a few changes. I peeked in the back window the other day and saw some physical alterations to the space itself, but probably the most notable difference is that the restaurant will now be a full service establishment. Previously it fell into what might be described as the “fast casual” genre, though that description doesn’t really do it justice.

In any case, Station 22 has done great things in the past so it’ll definitely be interesting to see what they do in the future.


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