Provo Restaurants Dominate Utah

SLUG’s coverage of Provo varies — it’s often of the “wow, something cool actually exists down there” variety — but this week writer Alex Springer gave credit where credit was due when he highlighted one of the area’s greatest assets: restaurants.

Covering Local First Utah’s Celebrate the Bounty event last weekend, Springer wrote that some of the best restaurants actually hail from downtown Provo:

Each restaurant in attendance served great food, but there were a few that presented dishes that will definitely bring me into their establishments for more—even though a lot of them are all the way down in Provo.

Of the five restaurant’s Springer goes on to profile, three are from Provo. Among other things Springer calls Communal’s Locals Only PB&J “the most exquisite dessert” he tried, describes Black Sheep’s meat as “awesome,” and says he loved “everything about” Station 22’s chicken and waffles.

Communal earned praise from SLUG magazine for it’s work at Local First Utah’s recent event.

Provo’s restaurants, and in particular these three, rightly deserve a pat on the back for their creativity.

But the event and subsequent article also show how a city earns a reputation for quality, and for coolness. In other words, this sort of thing builds the city’s mystique and, as Springer himself plans to do, should entice new people to visit and economically support Provo.

SLUG praised Station 22 for their chicken and waffles. I can confirm that the chicken and waffles are delicious.



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