Provo Becomes Officially Bike Friendly

Bike Provo announced today that for the first time ever Provo has been included on the League of American Bicyclists’ list of bike-friendly communities.

The league notes that cities like Provo are helping the US become a more bike-friendly nation, and that biking plays an important role in civic, community, and economic development. Bike Provo further notes that,

Gaining recognition as a bicycle-friendly community was no easy task, as we posted about previously. But, our efforts over the past few years have paid off.

The award will be officially presented at a City Council meeting and the Provo Bicycle Collective (49 North 1100 West #2) will host a Bike-Friendly Community Celebration and Open House on Friday, November 9th from 7-9 p.m. Members of the public are invited to come and learn about planned bicycle infrastructure, events, ways to get involved, and more. Please join us!

Bike Provo and the league aren’t kidding when they emphasize the importance of biking, as I’ve written before. For more information on this topic, click the “biking” category on the right side of this page. And in any case, cyclists and non-cyclists alike should applaud Provo’s addition to the list of bike-friendly cities.

Leuven street art celebrates both Provo and biking.


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5 responses to “Provo Becomes Officially Bike Friendly

  1. Paul

    And if you need any more evidence that Provo’s civic heart is in the right place re: bicycling, check out the new prototypical bike rack that went up today on Center St. in front of the Convention Center. Designed pro bono by local firm Rocketship in consultation with the Provo Bike Committee, the rack is the first of many the City would like to place throughout the Downtown, and maybe beyond. We anticipate that businesses will be offered the opportunity to sponsor a bike rack in front of their storefront. For now, however, we are interested in seeing how the prototype is received by the biking community.

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