“The Neighborhood Will Survive No Matter What”

Via Curbed, I found the video below about a brownstone painted bright pink. It’s a rather garish paint job, and the latest owners now have permission to change color.

What stands out to me most in the video is the fact that many of the interviewees don’t actually like the paint job but nevertheless think it’s fine for the neighborhood. Some say it should be changed, some say it should remain. But for the most part, they respect the owners right to do something seemingly at odds with the rest of the area. The last man in the video sums it up well when he says that either way “the neighborhood will survive no matter what.”

In other words, people have opinions and tastes but they respect others’ right to express themselves, even in ostentatious ways. There’s tolerance and diversity and everyone is happier for it.

That’s a great lesson that many neighborhoods still need to learn.


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