Live Long and Prosper

If you have a death wish, do nothing. Otherwise, hit the pavement.

According to The Daily Mail, a new study on moderate exercise revealed that walking can add a serious amount of time to a person’s lifespan:

The benefits were clear, with two and a half hours of brisk walking a week adding 3.4 years to life on average.

Doing twice this added 4.2 years, while walking for seven and a half hours weekly added 4.5 years to life.

The biggest gains were seen in people of a healthy weight, where two and a half hours of moderate exercise a week – as recommended by the Government – extended life by more than seven years, the journal PLoS Medicine reported.

However, people of a healthy weight who didn’t exercise could expect to die 3.1 years earlier than obese people who did stay active – a finding that underlines the importance of exercising whatever your weight.

A new study revealed that walking more will add years to a person’s life-span.

Of course, for people to walk they need places to go — meaning cities need good pedestrian infrastructure and high walk scores, among other things — but these results are clear: walking is connected to longevity.


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