Provo in the Snow

Snow has always seemed like the most reverent of weather phenomena, at least when it falls gradually in gentle winds. Not only is nearly silent, but it muffles other sounds. And in a city, it glows too.

Early Saturday morning I decided to take pictures of the storm blanketing Provo. I left my house around 3:30 am, then went back around 4 am and woke Laura up. We wandered around downtown until about 6 am. Every few minutes, we heard low pops and then saw huge falling tree limbs. At one point I tried, unsuccessfully, to help a guy push his car out of an ice patch. And when the snowflakes became large, they cast shadows in the street light, making the ground look fuzzy like TV static.

The pictures in the gallery below show what downtown Provo looks like in the middle of a snow storm, in the middle of the night, when there are no people out. Enjoy (click to enlarge).*

And here’s a video that I took mostly to capture the sound of water running into a ditch:

*As I’m sure is apparent, I’m not a professional photographer nor were these photos taken with professional equipment. They also haven’t been photoshopped.



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