New Central Bank Building Now Under Construction

Though rumors have been circulating for a while now, today it became official: Central Bank is demolishing their buildings and replacing them with this:

The new headquarters of Central Bank

Apparently demolition on the old buildings was already underway Tuesday morning.

This building will replace a cluster of existing buildings located on the southwest corner of University Ave and 100 North:

The building in the first picture will replace the modern looking building on the corner in the lower left of this picture (with a bus out front), as well as several other surrounding structures.



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6 responses to “New Central Bank Building Now Under Construction

  1. good job Central Bank. I switched to them for my banking after I found out that they had not accepted bailout money.

  2. Now that it’s public I can express my frustration with this. I’m happy that Central Bank is growing and investing in downtown, but I’m annoyed that they’re replacing the existing buildings, particularly the corner one which I actually really (really) like. We should be replacing the bad before replacing the good.
    Plus, this is half the street frontage of a very visible block of University Ave. The city should’ve pushed the bank somewhere else downtown so we could move tax-generating businesses in. Someday we’ll regret this.

    • I think you have a great point. I also agree with you about the modern building on the corner; it’s a shame that there will be less architectural diversity after this rather than more.

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  4. Tosh

    i think its a GREAT improvement to the 1960’s era bank they have on the corner. i think it fits in with the surrounding area and is a GREAT new look!

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