Orem Takes Out the Trash Trucks

More often than not, Orem shows up on this blog as an example of a city-related problem — dying malls, over-wide streets, etc. — but today Provo’s neighbor to the north is leading the way with greener garbage trucks.

According to the Daily Herald, Orem is rolling out a new fleet of natural gas trucks Tuesday afternoon:

The natural gas trucks will be the largest fleet operating in Utah. The trucks collect solid waste and recycling garbage. The trucks put out up to 50 percent less nitrogen oxide, which forms smog, and 25 percent less greenhouse gas. They also run 50 percent quieter than diesel trucks.

Utah Valley could definitely use less air pollution, particularly as we head into inversion season, so it’s great to see a larger city proactively working for better environmental stewardship. This development also offers an example for other area cities looking to be more responsible themselves.



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3 responses to “Orem Takes Out the Trash Trucks

  1. I’m not aware of a dying mall in Orem. Their mall seems at least as healthy as ours in Provo, plus they have a lot more revenue from sales taxes than does Provo.

  2. Malls everywhere are hurting and good riddance! Malls have been a blight on this proud nation for quite some time now and I’m glad that people are finally voting no with their dollars.

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