Major Developments Coming to Downtown

Yesterday was a busy one for various city leaders and now it looks like several big developments are about to arrive in downtown Provo.

First, Provo is looking to redevelop Center Street between 300 West and 400 West:

The buildings in the background of this historic picture are part of the block that is slated for redevelopment.

According to my colleague Genelle Pugmire, the city accepted proposals from Cowboy Partners and PEG Development, then chose the former. The proposed design,

includes mixed use restaurant or retail on the main level with apartments on the second and third floor, possibly to a fifth floor with a step back along Center Street. It also offers a plaza off of 300 West and three to five stories of apartments. Main level two-story Brownstone style town homes with stoops would line 300 West. There would be one-, two- and four-bedroom units, a clubhouse and retail. Approximately 40 percent of the apartments would be for moderate to low income housing.

It’s also worth noting that 40 percent of the residential units in the Cowboy Partners design will be targeted at lower income individuals so “the people that work in downtown can live in downtown.” That’s fantastic.

300 West, looking south toward Center Street. According to the Daily Herald, one new development proposal would see this sidewalk lined with brownstone-style townhouses.

For it’s part, PEG Development designed the Zion’s Bank building currently in downtown:

The company responsible for this building has pitched a new development in downtown Provo.

I think the council made the right decision going with Cowboy Partners.

In other news, as I reported yesterday Central Bank is tearing down their buildings and replacing them with something new. Yesterday’s post has a sketch of the new project, but this Daily Herald piece has photos of the actual demolition.

The single story buildings in this picture were demolished Tuesday.

And finally, city councilman Sterling Beck mentioned last night on Facebook that another project has been approved for 1265 N University Ave. The project will apparently be a CVS pharmacy, along with other commercial space, on 2.3 acres.

So all in all, it was a hyperactive day for Provo development yesterday.



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7 responses to “Major Developments Coming to Downtown

  1. Paul

    Two more things yesterday: The Redevelopment Agency Board (City Council) started the process for establishing the new Center Street Community Development Project Area between 200 East and 600 West. This would put in place a mechanism to help finance future redevelopment projects (both re-use and new construction) in this area over the coming years. It would replace the current project area, which expires in 2015.

    Second, the design was finalized for additional bike racks downtown. They will pretty much follow the design of the prototype which was installed in front of the Convention Center a few weeks ago. Bike committee reps will begin immediately to recruit downtown businesses who would like to sponsor the new bike racks in front of their shops.

  2. Jasony Kanoli

    I just hope beyond hope that Se Llama Peru won’t be demolished… That place make an exceptional Lomo Saltado… 😦

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  5. Tosh

    is the kawakami building coming down and all the buildings EAST of there to 300 west?

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