A Few Downtown Facelifts

Recent visitors to downtown have probably noticed the excellent new facades on several local businesses including Rice King and Bernina. However, that project isn’t finished yet. I recently received several images of upcoming or ongoing building facelifts, and they look great:

Up until recently, Fabric Mill looked like this.

By Halloween, it had already been painted and was looking closer to this rendering.

And the transition is complete.

The Great Salt Lake Guitar Company is also undergoing improvements. On Halloween those improvements had already begun and looked like this:

The Great Salt Lake Guitar Company is already undergoing facade renovation.

In the future, however, it will look more like this:

Note the changes to the windows and the area above the windows, among other things.

This image shows the addition of an awning.

Another downtown restaurant being renovated is Asian eatery Sora:

This is what Sora looked like until very recently.

And this is what it will look like soon.

Also up is Modern Shoe:

Modern shoe is a charming shop, but that second floor facade is pretty awful.

Luckily, however, the ugly facade will be replaced.

I took this picture of Modern Shoe on Oct. 13. The interesting thing here is that I completely cut off the top of the building. I didn’t really mean to do that and I wasn’t consciously trying to obscure the second floor, but I just automatically ignored the ugly area. I think that’s a fairly common behavior; when things fail aesthetically (or otherwise) they sometimes fade into the background. Luckily these facade renovations are revealing how much we’ve been missing.

And finally, the facade on Jay’s Jungle also will be replaced, which is a good thing because it’s perhaps the worst in downtown:

Jay’s Jungle is on the left. Much as was the case with the second story of Modern Shoe, I haven’t photographed Jay’s much because it is just so ugly. I cannot understand the impulse to cover the entire second floor of a building in corrugated metal. And on top of that, it’s also in really bad shape. This picture was taken Oct. 13.

And here’s what Jay’s Jungle will look like in the near future.



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2 responses to “A Few Downtown Facelifts

  1. Wow, Fabric Mills new sign looks SO much better now. That makes me want to go shopping there now. ha, hopefully their supply has upgraded a bit as well. I love this effort to make downtown Provo look better. It was a bit depressing down there for a few years so I’ve loved the recent upgrades and trendy atmosphere nowadays. Hopefully it will stay that way!

  2. What software program is used? I dig it.

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