Cowboy Partners: A Primer

As of Wednesday, it’s likely that downtown is getting a large mixed-use development from Cowboy Partners. So what kind of work does the company do?

Cowboy Partners’ website includes photos of more than two dozen apartment projects across five states, but perhaps the best place to start is in Ogden — a city with obvious similarities to Provo — with the Liberty Junction project.

Like the proposed project in Provo, Liberty Junction is a mixed-use development in the heart of Ogden’s downtown. These pictures come from the Cowboy Partners website as well as Google street view:

So far there’s no evidence to suggest that the Provo development will resemble the one in Ogden — and in fact the Daily Herald description mentions differences such as townhouses — but these pictures at least offer insights into the philosophy Cowboy Partners brings to a downtown development. Here’s what the website had to say about the Ogden project:

You can shop ‘til you drop, dine at world class eateries, and catch a movie at the thirteen-screen megaplex theater right at your doorstep. You can also take in some family fun at the City’s adventure center. Liberty Junction is a masterfully designed residential community that is also within walking distance of virtually all the excitement that downtown Ogden has to offer.

Cowboy Partners has also done several projects in Salt Lake City. Those projects include Liberty City Walk (“where cottage style architecture meets contemporary city living”), Liberty Metro (“come relax in your own space in a building that offers lodge-style living”), Liberty Midtown (“surrounded by shops, boutiques, galleries and world class restaurants”), and some condos at City Creek. Most of the pages for these projects lack extensive exterior photos (and WordPress would only let me include one gallery anyway), but they are nevertheless illuminative.

The company’s website also provides this mission statement:

The mission of Cowboy Partners is creating extraordinary places for people. Widely recognized as one of the premier multi-family and mixed-use developers in the West, Cowboy Partners represents the best in the creation of innovative, imaginative, and inviting residential communities and mixed-use neighborhoods.

It’s obviously too early to formulate any opinion on the proposed development in downtown Provo — though I’ve heard a few people speak very highly of it — but hopefully this information at least provides some background on the company that will likely carry it out.



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