Art in a Vacant Lot

While wandering around Salt Lake City last week, I saw the art installation in the pictures below. It’s made up of rows of black PVC pipe and is interactive; visitors can walk through the pipes, touch them, and pretty much do anything they want.

A PVC art installation in an undeveloped Salt Lake City lot.

The same installation, looking in a different direction.

Provo has similar vacant lots, which I’ve written about previously. I suggested installing a zen garden in downtown Provo, but this example from Salt Lake shows how a little creativity (and an artist) can create an interesting space that calls out for attention, rather than repelling visitors. And truthfully, I like this idea better than the one I proposed for Provo.

It’s also worth mentioning that the lot is slated for development as a dance academy. Still, someone invested in the installation and created a memorable place in the city.

Someday this installation will be replaced with the building on the left of this rendering.


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