Frontrunner Media Day

The new Frontrunner commuter rail extension to Provo is about a week away from opening and today UTA invited the media to check it out.

My colleague Billy Hesterman wrote this article about the event. Among other things, Billy reports that there are some impressive sites along the route to Salt Lake:

The area around the narrows could trick someone into thinking they’ve left the urban developments of Lehi and Bluffdale as the track rides the valley floor of a small canyon that wraps around Point of the Mountain.

Inside the canyon is a mixture of canals, rivers and great views that show off some of the natural beauty contained in an area that is usually ignored by drivers as they speed around the point to get to their destination.

Among the various other coverage, KSL’s Sam Penrod tweeted a series of cool pictures. Fox 13 also has this video (that for some reason I couldn’t embed).

One thing that struck me while watching that report was how cool Provo’s station seems. I’ve always looked at from the north (looking south). From that angle it just comes across like a miserable parking lot. But looking north the historic buildings in the area are visible. So hopefully, it won’t be too many years before the area immediately south of the station gets filled in as well.

Provo's soon-to-open commuter rail station.

Provo’s soon-to-open commuter rail station.


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