The Best Christmas Tree Stand in Provo

Last year, I randomly stumbled on Baum’s Christmas trees. Then Saturday, Laura and I made visiting Baum’s a tradition when we picked up our second tree in as many years. And personally, I think the tree we bought this year is the best one we’ve found since we’ve been together.

Baum's Christmas tree stand, which is located in a front yard in the hills behind DI.

Baum’s Christmas tree stand, which is located in a front yard in the hills behind DI.

I’ve included my original post in its entirety below. To that I’ll just add that while Baum’s may not be the only family-run Christmas tree operation out there, it’s still a fairly unique place where you can talk to the actual person who cut the tree down. And while the trees themselves may not be local, the rest of the operation is so it’s better for the local economy. As a result, I once again highly recommend Baum’s. Since my original post, Baum’s has also been featured in a Daily Herald article, which includes more information.

Here’s the original post:

If you’re looking for a Christmas Tree in Utah Valley, allow me to recommend Baum Christmas Trees. It’s a Christmas tree lot located in Mr. Baum’s front yard, at 1650 N. 1250 W. To get there, head north along the street behind D.I., turn left at the first light, follow the road as it curves around, and turn right at the appropriate street (first or second street you come to).

Baum Christmas Trees is charming and quaint in a way that parking lot venders never could be. Not only are you walking around on someone’s front yard, but there’s one of those little, pre-fab waterfalls. Also, the Baum family is very appropriately named, as “baum” means “tree” in German.

According to Mr. Baum — I didn’t get his first name, though the tag on our tree says R. Ladell Baum — he cuts all the trees himself, mostly in Utah and Wyoming. His son told us that the family has been doing it for 40 years, and used to sell about 2,000 trees. Today, they sell around 1,000.

And lest you think that this place is too Mom and Pop to have a decent selection, I assure you that there are trees for all tastes. We got a $28 tree that is probably just under 6 feet. There were a lot of taller trees and some smaller trees. They come in all the typical breeds (species? varieties? what do you call different types of pine trees?), and can be flocked as well.

As for us, we’re both pleased with the tree we found and are glad we accidentally stumbled upon Baum’s while driving around one day.


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  1. dubsdrivel

    We have been going to the Baum’s tree lot for over 12 years. Completely agree that its a great place to get a tree. I worked on quite a few lots growing up and the selection has always been better than anything we sold. Thanks for giving them a shout out.

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