More on the New Flights

Last night I reported, via the Daily Herald, that Provo is getting new commercial flights in February. The flights will connect to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport.

Today however, the city formally announced the flights and on the Fly Provo website a new, even lower ticket price of $49.99 was debuted. That’s $20 cheaper than originally reported last night.

My colleague Genelle Pugmire also reports that the passenger terminal may also have to be modified in the future:

Three commercial flights a day could currently be handled, after which the terminal must be enlarged. [Mayor John] Curtis believes the terminal will have to be enlarged sooner than later.

A KSL story that came out after today’s announcement had this additional information:

Allegiant does not sell connecting flights from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, so customers who would like to travel elsewhere will have to buy two separate tickets, according to Keith Hansen, with Allegiant. He said Allegiant flies to Oakland, Calif., Las Vegas and Hawaii from Mesa, among other cities.

The flights will arrive in Provo at 4 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays and depart at 5 p.m. The flight is about 90 minutes.


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