Frontrunner Free Ride Day

The opening of commuter rail is finally upon us, with the free ride day beginning tomorrow at 10 am and regular service starting Monday. If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you probably know the details, but just in case UTA created this page with all the relevant information.

The Frontrunner station in Provo.

The Frontrunner station in Provo.

Most importantly, the free rides will go from 10 am to 10 pm (so don’t get stuck in the wrong city) and “cost” a can of food. UTA also has these safety tips on its site, which are pretty self-evidence but still worth remembering:

  • Dwell time at each station is scheduled for 30 seconds and we expect large crowds. Please be prepared to embark/disembark in an efficient manner. The doors will not open once they have been locked down for departure.
  • If riding on an upper level, please make your way downstairs prior to arriving at the station.
  • Before you cross railroad tracks or enter a FrontRunner platform:
    • always watch for trains—look both ways
    • take off your head phones
    • put  your cell phone down—no texting or phone calls
    • hop off your bike or skateboard
    • hold smaller children’s hands
    • never cross between train cars—always walk around to a designated safe crossing
  • Always stand behind the yellow tactile strip when trains approach the platform.
  • Never walk or play on tracks or the rail corridor; even for short cuts.  It could be deadly and is trespassing, punishable by a $100 or greater fine.
  • Never go around a lowered gate or try to outrun a train.  Just wait for the train to pass, the gates to lift and lights to stop before crossing the track.
  • Never throw things at the train or place things on the track; you could get hurt or even derail the train.
Please don't let yourself get run over by the train. It's not hard a hard thing to do.

Please don’t let yourself get run over by the train.

And in case you haven’t seen it, UTA also has a comprehensive Frontrunner FAQ page that includes most additional information.



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3 responses to “Frontrunner Free Ride Day

  1. Just read this comment on UTA’s info page:

    Hello to all readers of UTA.
    My name is Carlos Rodriguez, an immigrant who arrived in Utah but to conquer the “American Dream.”
    I am a new UTA bus operator and want to confess that is so far the best job I could have. I’m sure this is the job that will give me everything I need to fulfill that coveted American dream. From hiring staff to the maintenance team have treated me like a family member. All here are very polite and respect each of the members of this company. thaksgiving week in surprisingly received a gift card with $ 100. was something I was not expecting and made me very happy. UTA makes each of its members feel happy and give a better service to the people and that through it we are growing every day. Today I want to thank all those people who use UTA because if it were not for her I would not have this job worth. The “American Dream” is this. work in a company where people understand how each of the members. Thanks UTA

    So cool.

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