Frontrunner Free Ride Day

Saturday was the free ride day on the Frontrunner. There were long lines in Provo, packed trains all day and very cold temperatures.

Below I’ve included pictures from my experience on the train. That experience began in Provo, but when we saw how long the line was we realized we wouldn’t be able to meet up with the rest of our group in Lehi. As a result, we drove up to the Thanksgiving Point station and got on the train there. I know, more driving is bad, but at least we got to see two stations.

A few things worth noting in these images:

•  The parking lot in Provo was very full at certain times but less so at others. I’ll be interested to see how demand for parking compares to supply. My guess is that like almost every parking lot, supply will exceed demand.

• The Thanksgiving Point station is way cooler than the Provo station. I’m not sure that really means anything, but it was fun to see.

• On the ride home, we were in an older car with leather seats and faux wood paneling. It was super classy.

• Laura and I wondered about the psychology of the event; after waiting in bitter cold weather for hours, riding in standing room only cars, and then experiencing delays (we were stuck in Murray for more than 30 minutes on our way back) we wondered if some people would be discouraged by the free ride. However, so far I’ve only heard good things — and I’ve heard UTA even provided busses to keep people warm in some cases — so our fears anecdotally appear to be unfounded.



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4 responses to “Frontrunner Free Ride Day

  1. Bill Graff

    Should I plan to use it? Why?

    • Well, Bill, I think it was pretty cool. So yes, use it!

      But realistically, not knowing anything about your commute or transportation objectives, it’s hard to say. I’d suggest using because it’s faster than driving if there’s traffic, and because commuting on the train means a chance to get something done (work, entertainment, rest, reading, etc.) while in transit. If the train gets cars off the road, that also means more mild inversions for all of us. Personally, I also think riding a train is simply more enjoyable/fun than sitting in a car, though that’s a matter of taste, I realize.

      Still, it’ll work for some people and not for others.

  2. I totally agree with you on Lehi’s station. It looks better from the train and from the street than Provo’s. It’s also in a more attractive and practical area. There are a lot of jobs and homes that are visible from the station and within walking distance now, whereas in Provo that stuff is years away.

    I actually felt that every other station was a little nicer and warmer and a little less utilitarian and cold than Provo’s, but maybe that’s cause I was on a warm comfy train when I was at the other stations instead of waiting for an hour in the freezing cold.

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