He’s Just Happy To Be Here

I recently heard this quote (which I’m paraphrasing, at best), though I don’t know the source: “Rome is loved because it’s great, but it’s great because first it was loved.”

I think the same could be said about Provo and there are few people who epitomize that idea better than musician Chance Lewis.

I first wrote about Chance a year ago, when he released “Underdog.” In February, I also wrote about Apt, Chance’s collaborator and fellow rapper, who coined the now common place-name “100 Block.”

Chance, Apt, and a whole bunch of other Provo musicians at a Rooftop Concert this summer.

This Wednesday, Chance will be releasing his latest effort “We’re Just Happy To Be Here.” The show has already garnered a bunch of press; last week it was featured in City Weekly, on C. Jane’s blog, and in the Daily Herald. Between those links you can find all the relevant information, and even hear several tracks.

I recommend going to this show because if past experience is any indication, it’ll be awesome.

But if you’re still sitting on the fence remember the quote about Rome.  On this blog I constantly write about ways to make Provo cooler, more accommodating to future generations, and generally more vibrant. The possible strategies are endless and too often, I think, the focus is on big building projects or massive design ideas.

But Chance and Apt are showing how a city really becomes great: they’re living here and making really great music. So someday, when someone loves Provo because it’s great, it’ll be in part because at one point these musicians opted to live here and make it amazing.


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