Christmas Windows in Downtown

I recently visited the “candy windows” at Macy’s in Salt Lake and thought, “wow, this is super lame.”

Provo doesn’t have any half-hearted twirling blobs of sugar, but it does have something much better: Christmas displays drawn by local school children. The effect is perhaps less visually startling than seeing a giant orb of Jolly Ranchers, but it’s also more genuine, local and charming.


These drawings — which laudably and surprisingly celebrate a number of holidays — are on display on west Center Street.


Apparently, they were drawn by the kids at the Walden school.


More drawings.


These are all in a store front near the Madison that was recently cleaned up by volunteers.



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4 responses to “Christmas Windows in Downtown

  1. Dave

    A majority of the art was created by students at Timpanogos Elementary. Walden and Provo School District’s CAS (Center for Acelerated Studies) also contributed.

  2. Dave

    Jared Morgan of Downtown Provo, Inc, who spearheaded the displays wrote the following on the “Support Downtown Provo” Facebook Page: “Thank you to Timpanogos Elementary, Walden Elementary and Westridge Elementary [under which CAS functions] for donating the beautiful Holiday Art for our downtown vacant storefront initiative. All art is up and ready to boost the Holiday spirit in our beloved downtown! Please see the art displayed at 180 North University Ave (Zions Bank Building), 5 North University Ave (next to Station 22), 273 West Center (next to Taylor Maid) and 250 West Center (next to Joe Vera’s). Thank you to all those who assisted with this project, we are setting a great precedence for vacant properties downtown. This is an evolving initiative that will produce a great result! Together we are making a huge difference in the downtown area. We are already starting to see some fruits of our labors, thanks Genelle for the article:

  3. Matt Beatty

    Walden represent! Definitely prefer the local charm.

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