New Twitter

For the last year or so my online presence has had a split personality. I’ve been tweeting out everything I can for this blog, and sometimes I’ve tweeted out information related to my work at the Daily Herald. I figured there was some reader overlap because I was reporting on a region that included Provo, the subject of this blog.

But these two types of tweets weren’t exactly compatible. When I covered the dump fire, for example, I was tweeting about an emergency in Saratoga Springs. It might have been interesting to blog readers, or not. And when I was tweeting about Provo and urbanism it may not have been interesting to newspaper readers.

Anyway, now that I’ve moved up to the Salt Lake Tribune this problem becomes even more pronounced. Ultimately, the audience for my reporting and the audience for this blog are growing apart.

To solve this problem, I’ve created a new twitter account for this blog and related urbanism news. It’s @provocationutah. I recommend following it because while I’ll still tweet Provo-related news from my old account, @jimmycdii, I’ll primarily use the new one for this blog. Think of it like following a publication, while the old account is like following a particular writer at that publication.

And finally, if you’re not on Twitter, I think you should join. I used to think it was pretty useless — hence the awful handle “jimmycdii” — but when I realized it functioned as a news aggregator I started liking it.


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  1. Any recommendations on who to follow? I agree with the aggregation since I don’t even bother bookmarking websites anymore.

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