John Curtis’ 2013 Wish List

Mayor Curtis enjoys a spectacularly high approval rating and it’s probably because he has great ideas. Case in point, his 2013 “dream list“:

  • A respectable campaign season with everyone acting like adults
  • More scheduled flights at the airport (this one stays on the list from last year)
  • Take Vision 2030 to the next level (we need to look out 50 years into the future)
  • Ditch our reputation as the towing and booting capitol of the Universe
  • More, more, more social media (ugh – that means I need to tweet)
  • Start a public dialog about a new City Center building
  • Increase our growing national reputation as a “cool” city

Those are all great goals. I’m particularly excited for the idea of looking further down the road, as I think we should be taking the long when it comes to development. For example, I’ve recently had conversations with people during which I argued that Provo is going to be amazing in 200 years. I think we need to seriously consider really long term scenarios, and I love that Mayor Curtis is pushing that sort of thinking. In the end, Provo isn’t going to be great for future generations unless we start making big improvements now.

It's probably time to replace this building, which serves as the city hall.

It’s probably time to replace this building, which serves as the city hall.

I also appreciate the fact that Mayor Curtis wants to start a dialog about a new city center — which I previously argued was desperately needed (also see this follow up that includes examples of great city halls) — and that he wants to grow the city’s reputation as a cool place. That’s an idea that I’ve previously described as mystique, and which can have significant economic benefits. Clearly, there is a zeitgeist surrounding some of these issues right now.


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