A Few Food Things

This week saw a few noteworthy pieces published about to Provo’s burgeoning food scene. My favorite is this City Weekly interview with the owners of Station 22. In that article Richard Gregory and Jason Talcott discuss their vision for the restaurant (and parent company) and provide a lot of other interesting details about one of Provo’s culinary gems.

Station 22 was recently featured in City Weekly and is helping put the Wasatch Front on the nation’s food map.

Relatedly, Zagat also published a list of “7 Up-and-Coming Food Cities Around the U.S.” Salt Lake City was the second city on the list. That’s good for the whole state, but it’s also good specifically for Provo which, according to Salt Lake Magazine, is the hippest place in Salt Lake City. Slug Magazine has also singled out Provo for it’s culinary wonders.

In other words, the region is becoming known for food and Provo is earning a reputation locally as a destination. That’s good for all of us who like to eat out, but as I’ve argued before, restaurants are an important part of a vital city. They’re also key for creating non-boring places and for enhancing quality of life.

It’s also worth mentioning that the more time I spend in Salt Lake the more I am in awe of Provo’s restaurants; up in SLC few things are within walking distance of each other, quality is often sacrificed for ambiance or “hipness” and I’m surprised less often. I haven’t eat at every buzz-worth restaurant in Salt Lake, of course, but that’s considerably harder to do there than in Provo.

All of which is to say that Provo’s restaurant scene is really quite a treasure.



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2 responses to “A Few Food Things

  1. Communal, Mountain West Burrito, Pizzeria 712, Guru’s, Station 22, Black Sheep Cafe, Bombay House, Slab Pizza, the list of great restaurants goes on and on!

  2. Kevin

    You can’t forget DP Cheesesteaks, that place is the bomb!

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