My name is Jim Dalrymple. This blog aims to discuss Provo, cities, and the built environment. It’s intentionally hyper-local. I read a lot about cities (see the resources page) but I also enjoy debate and welcome comments telling me I’m wrong.

I currently work in Provo as a reporter. And though far from perfect, I’ve found Provo to be a surprising and charming city. If you disagree, message me and we can go on a walking discussion.

It’s worth mentioning I was born in Provo and therefore I claim it as my native city. Though I remember little of that time, I know that my yard was watered by an irrigation ditch and a neighbor’s cat once attacked me. I later grew up in California, before returning to the alma mater of my parents and grandparents, BYU.

I have a master’s degree in English, which I earned by watching a lot of movies and reading a few books about the American West.

All posts appearing on this blog with dates before November 4, 2011, were actually written for an older blog. However, I created (pro(vo)cation) so I could have a more dedicate space to discuss Provo at a transitional time. I also enjoy traveling and occasionally post stuff to this blog about places I go.

I can be reached via email at james.dalrymple52[at]gmail.com. (The weird [at] is to make it harder for spammers to get this email. It is, however, a regular email address that uses “@”.)


5 responses to “About

  1. also, be on the look out for Provo houses near you guys in about five years. Carl and I would like to be your neighbors should we come back.

  2. Jim, I would love to talk to you about a few things.

    Let me know when you can meet. With out this sounding too much like a date or something, maybe we can have lunch on the steps of the new convention center…? I enjoy those types of eating spots in cities as well.

  3. mmm

    As much as I appreciate a blog about all things Provo, you have clearly let your conservative beliefs get the best of you. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in a blog about Provo, but I wish this blog didn’t have such a Republican leaning bias. Good luck to you, though.

    • Wow, if you’re being serious that is probably the first time I’ve ever been called a conservative. I’m curious what gave you that ultimately false impression.

  4. Mark Martin

    I Stumbled across this blog accidentally, but quite suprised by the intelligent content you provide of a city I used to call my own. I love Provo, and Utah County in general, but have been quite disappointed by the lack of cultural growth and influence. Your blog makes me rethink that direction of thought, and for that I thank you.

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