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Neon Trees

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and meet a famous person before he or she got famous? As a music lover, I know I have. Wouldn’t that be cool, I’ve thought, to see The Beatles in a little club in Hamburg? Or Radiohead when they were still high school students in Oxford, England?

Well right now Provo, Utah has a band that is on the cusp of stardom. That band is Neon Trees. They’ve been wowing local audiences for years now, but this week they released their debut record “Habit,” on Mercury Records. That means that their record is available everywhere. You can find it in Target, Best Buy, and pretty much anywhere across the country. It’s also on iTunes and is one of the week’s top downloads. In fact, the album’s single is a free download on iTunes. Just go and click on it and you’ll have it. (Though I’d recommend getting the whole album, because it’s fantastic.) 

And just to reiterate, this is a Provo, Utah, band. Though they don’t have any pending shows in Provo (having just played one last weekend), you can still follow them from their early days. If they blow up and become huge, you’ll have been there (mostly) from the start.

However, this isn’t just about bragging rights. It’s also about listening to some really great music. Though I’d argue that Neon Trees is best enjoyed live, their album is very cool. To go back to The Beatles analogy, if you had seen them in their early days you’d have something to talk about, but you’d also probably have had a unique musical experience that would have been pleasurable in it’s own right.

Of course, Neon Trees will certainly not become as famous or influential as The Beatles, or even Radiohead. No band really can at this point, and many bands that make it as far as the Neon Trees have don’t ever fully realize their potential. However, if ever there was band that seemed destined for success, Neon Trees are it. They’ve been getting loads of positive press, and this week are playing at the South By Southwest Festival, in Texas. They’ll also be appearing soon on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and later this year on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars

If it wasn’t clear by now, I’m pretty biased in favor of the band, but that’s largely because I’ve had a series of positive experiences with them. I’ve written about them for Rhombus, and the Daily Heraldtwice. So go check them out and be one of the first people to listen to an awesome band.

All of these picture were taken by Laura, at the band’s Velour show on March 12.


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