Provo Business Recycling Made Easier

Just a few days ago I was talking to a friend about the challenges of recycling in Provo. I argued that residential recycling in the city is fairly easy with the new opt out program, but he countered that for certain kinds of businesses it’s actually much more difficult.

This week however, the city implemented measures to begin remedying that problem. According to my colleague Genelle Pugmire, the idea — which is still in a proposal stage — would give tax credits to businesses that recycle.

Eligible businesses using recycled materials or doing recycling will qualify for a 5 percent Utah state income tax credit on the cost of machinery and equipment, a 20 percent Utah state income tax credit, up to $2,000, on eligible operating expenses, technical assistance from state recycling economic development professionals, and modest local incentives.

Apparently the program is already happening in 20 other Utah cities and can result in major economic benefits. Staffers have apparently looked into the program and haven’t found any downsides and there’s apparently a lot of interest in the program:

Jarvis added, “I was surprised at how many claimed they would be eligible, including big firms like Western Metals Recycling, Novatek and NuSkin as well as small ones like Communal restaurant and Ecoscraps.”

Jarvis added that Curtis would like to start a Provo Green Business Certification program. The hope would be to have all businesses go green.

Like many cities, there are still many areas in which Provo can improve its environmental stewardship. However, it’s also not every city where the mayor and other leadership take action and explicitly state that they want to make every business green.

Provo is beginning a program to help businesses recycle.


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