Frontrunner Group Passes

Everyone probably knows by now that the Frontrunner south line between Provo and Salt Lake opens Dec. 8 with a free ride day. But when paid service begins two days later there will be a cheap way for multiple people to commute: group passes.

According to UTA’s website, group passes will cost $14 and are good on the bus, TRAX and Frontrunner:

A group pass is available for FrontRunner, TRAX and local bus for groups of up to four people of all ages. […] For trips beginning on FrontRunner or TRAX, group passes should be purchased at a ticket vending machine. These machines are located at all FrontRunner and TRAX stations. At the time of purchase, each ticket will be validated by the ticket vending machine and can be used for one round-trip ride on FrontRunner, TRAX and/or bus as noted above.

A one-way Provo-to-Salt Lake fare on Frontrunner without any sort of pass will cost $5.68. That means four round trip fares will cost $45.44, so the $14 group pass is quite a bargain. Unfortunately, the website states that it’s a promotional pass and is subject to cancelation in the future.

In other train news, this KSL article mentions that the free ride day on Dec. 8 will actually cost a donated can of food. So don’t forget your can.

And finally, here’s a charming commercial for Frontrunner’s upcoming service to Provo:


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  1. That’s a great deal. I’m excited to see who uses Frontrunner and how. I was in Chicago last weekend and a much shorter ride on Metra (their commuter rail) cost me $4.25, but the ride is fast, quiet, smooth and it certainly beats driving and paying for parking.
    In some cities, driving downtown isn’t even an option for most because of the cost of or lack of parking. Salt Lake has tons of free (or almost free) parking.

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