Becoming a Bike Friendly City published an update yesterday regarding efforts to get Provo on the League of American Cyclists’ list of cities that are good for bike riding. According to the post, the effort began more than a year ago and included a lot of work from several of Provo’s bike activists and gurus. All that’s left now is the league’s answer.

The post explains that landing on the list will have a variety of “less-tangible” benefits including momentum, guidance, attention and more recognition. There will be more immediately visible benefits as well:

All that hard work isn’t for nothing. Becoming a bike-friendly city could be a big deal for Provo. Yes, we would be listed on League of American Cyclist publications and would get to put up two Bike-Friendly Community signs.

To those points I would add that that biking has been shown to save lives, increase city prosperity, attract young people, and save money for cyclists and non-cyclists alike, among other things.

For all of these reasons, the work being done by the Provo Bicycle Committee is a major boon for the city.

Provo is in the process of being recognized as a bike-friendly city.



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2 responses to “Becoming a Bike Friendly City

  1. dubsdrivel

    I am admittedly ignorant to the whole bike provo conversation, but has there been any talk of widening Geneva Rd to facilitate a bike lane? As someone who drives it each day to and from work I would love to see a safer road for both the cyclists and drivers. (I don’t ride it because it doesn’t seem safe enough with no shoulder)

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